Tuesday, 18 October 2011

 Photoshoot I did with one of my close mates. I don't have any photography experience, so we decided we'd fuel our enthusiasm and inspiration (how wanky) with alcohol, as you do and just take photo's on the street. Poor Aoife was subjected to the cold and wet and just manky places! Met some lovely bin men, one was called Brendan, can't remember the other, was probably Anto. As with lovies we met assholes. This one guy had the hots for Aoife so he started taking photos on his mobile. I got really angry that he was exploiting my vision! (I'm such a bag of wank) So I started to shout: "have a nice wank there". The cunt wipes his meatball* on my face. Nice move. I proceed to kick weakly but he tell me he'll get he guards after me. I stop but i secretly believe the gardai would arrest him over me as wiping a meatball on someones face is just nasty.


Images for today. Really the ones I've collected on my shite PC. Will post old clothes soon! :)